I'm trying to expand my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeace Designs. I am trying to do this while I am illustrating a children's book and working full time, and getting ready for my wedding in September, AND in the closing stage of buying a house. I do like to stay busy so this is all good for me.
I will be SLOWLY expanding my shop to include more cards, like the Thank You cards I have here. I will also be adding more invitations, birthday cards, holiday cards, and calendars.
There will be a variety of different products. Some will be instant download such as these cards, but I will still have customized designs too. My business cards have been very popular so I will keep new design for those coming too.
What type of designs would you like to see? Postcards? Printable lists? Any ideas I am open to them.

Love Joy Peace,



06/21/2013 8:27am

Cards look good! I bet you will lots of orders.


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