It's funny how a little sunshine can change your mood drastically. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have been deprived of sun rays all winter. Yesterday the sun finally cam out for the whole day. YAY! Everyone seemed to be in a great mood and I was very happy too.

While I was walking my dog I realized how many flowers has bloomed and plants had grown.
Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, its hard to focus my iphone when I have a dog trying to run away.

If you are enjoying a sunny day today i would suggest taking a walk and looking at all the pretty flowers that are popping up.

Love JOy Pea


03/12/2013 7:54am

You are so right about Oregonians and sunshine. The pictures on your post increase my happiness and reassure me that spring is just around the corner. Thanks for taking the time to share your outlook on life.

10/02/2013 5:38pm

Found this blog from Weebly's index, nice!


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