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Happiness would seem to be a very easily understood emotion. Everyone knows when they are happy and most people can tell when others are happy too. But what is it that really makes us happy? 

I watched the movie Happy this morning and I thought it was really interesting. I took some notes during the movie and thought I would share them with you.

-aerobic exercise can increase happiness by releasing dopamine

-Flow: pushing yourself to you limits

-performing acts of kindness is one of the best ways to increase your happiness.

-Once you have basic needs met money doesn't make a difference in happiness

- Denmark is the happiest country in the world

-Caring about things bigger than yourself is a huge factor

-Count your blessings

-Close family and friends was found in every person that had high levels of happiness

-Important factors: play, new experiences, friends and family, doing things with meaning
It was said in the movie that only ten percent of our happiness depends on our income, where we live, the home we have, and status. Why is it that those are the things most people focus on the most? Why would we care about those things so much, but then when asked what is truly important to us the overwhelming answer is "to be happy." 

It was said that the biggest difference between people that are happy and people that are not happy is whether they focus on things intrinsically or extrinsically.

Extrinsic  = money, image, status
Intrinsic = personal growth, relationships, sense of community

People that who value money, image, and status were found to be much less happy than people who value personal growth, relationships, and community. So let's start focusing on Intrinsic goals.

People who were able to be thankful for what they were given rather than be mad about what they don't have were much happier. It didn't matter that they lived in a shack, to them they were thankful that they had that shack to live in.

The people of Bhutan recently realized that happiness is really what should be the most important thing to the country and to the people. The governments main goal is to raise the GNH, the Gross National Happiness.

For the next week try to raise your happiness levels and the happiness of the ones around you. This should be easy.

Start with these three tasks:

1. Count your blessings
2. Spend time with your family and friends
3. Perform acts of kindness.

Love Joy Peace,



03/04/2013 8:21am

I have read many books on happiness. You are summarized very well.


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