Ever since I started Love Joy Peace Create I have been thinking about logo designs. I tried to incorporate symbols for Love, Joy, Peace, and Creativity and after many failed attempts to create something catchy and interesting I decided I need to draw something that is simple and something that people can remember. A dove with a paint brush in its mouth, with a heart attached to it might be memorable, but it is also confusing and distracting.

Sooooo....this is what I came up with for the logo.
And I was also working on some drawings for textile designs that I will have printed in the future for projects that I have planned. So I thought I would share them with you.
When working on these drawings I realized how much I like working with markers. I was using PrismaColor Markers, they are spendy, but they are nothing like the markers you used in elementary school.
Once I finish the textile designs I will share them with you. 

Have a creative day!

Love Joy Peace,



02/19/2013 2:36pm

I would like to try those markers. They look like fun! Great designs. Will be excited to see them on textile.


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