Depending on the type of person you are you are probably either afraid of color or love color, but those afraid of color usually also like it. They just don’t know what to do with it. I happen to fall into the first category and am crazy about color. Sometimes for painting this is okay, but even with painting you should pick a palette (i.e. analogous, monochromatic…) in your home my rule of thumb, so I don’t go too crazy is to pick only two colors and then mix that with wonderful neutrals. If my fiance wasn’t around I would most likely try to choose a rainbow color scheme, OK maybe not the whole rainbow, but I do love colors!!!

Step one: Decide the function of the room and how you want to feel. Blue is calming and red is energizing, but blue is an appetite suppressant and red makes you hungry. I’m not one with sticking by the rules so I’m not saying NO red bedrooms and NO blue kitchens, but think about how you want to feel in the room before you paint. Also the shade of paint can really change things a blue with more red in it might not suppress your appetite as much as a true blue.

Step two: Look in your closet. The clothes you buy/wear are in the colors that you are drawn too. If you find a great jacket in a color that you don’t like it doesn’t usually end up in your closet. My closet is color coordinated in the order of the rainbow so that I can just hold up the bottoms I’m planning on wearing and match to the tops I have hanging. If you have mostly black and gray then you know that those are the neutrals you’ll want to stick with rather than browns and tans. To me a room needs to have at least one color other than the neutrals. Even Jarrod has blue shirts amongst his gray and black. (His apartment when I met him was all gray and black, not a color to be found!)

Step three: Compromise. You can't always get exactly what you want. Talk to the others that will be sharing the space with you before purchasing furniture and painting the walls.

Above, I have the colors of my living room. To keep our small space cohesive we have the same turquoise blue in our bedroom (through art and accessories) and bathroom (in the towels and shower curtain), but not as the main color. If you keep one color consistent in your house it will visually tie all the rooms together.

Have fun choosing your colors!

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