No pillows, no problem

After picking up a red loveseat at a garage sale for a bargain last year I have vowed to only go with neutrals for large furniture pieces. I thought I could work around red, I thought I could in the words of Tim Gunn “Make it work”. I couldn’t make it work for over a year and now that couch is at the habitat for humanity ReStore. I hated everything about that couch except the softness. It started squeaking after using it for a couple months, it was too small for two people to lounge comfortably, and it was red! 

I love all colors, really, but I do not like red in clothing or in interior design. Something about it just gets to me. I mean red is the color of anger and that is exactly what I felt about that couch. Since I tend to gravitate towards cool colors I don’t know how I thought I could make a red couch work.

Anyway, this time we got a light gray sectional, much more angular and simple. After getting it in the room I knew it was nice, but boring. After various trips to Homegoods, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Ross I knew that I was not going to find pillows that went with our color scheme.

We had the maintenance crew at out apartment paint a feature wall in our living room "wish upon a star" turquoise from miller paint and our accent color is citrus yellow/green. I remember seeing this citron color all over the place in previous trips when I wasn’t looking for it, but then it was nowhere to be found. After a trip to the fabric store I found the perfect colors and prints to use for pillows. 

Now the couch is complete!
Isn't it funny how a little color and texture can totally transform the feeling in a room?

Love Joy Peace,



02/19/2013 10:40am

It looks wonderful with the new pillows!
I love the look and colors you chose.
Now, I need to go make some pillows!

02/19/2013 2:39pm

Thanks! I like making my own pillows because you can get just the right colors and textures. Have fun making your pillows.

02/19/2013 1:30pm

Great transformation! I like your accessorizing choices!

02/20/2013 8:03am

Your apartment looks great! I can't believe how professinally decorated it looks on a limited budget. It just shows everyone how creativity can really make a difference.

I want to tell you that I look forward to reading your blog each morning. Have a great day! Keep it up.

02/20/2013 10:40am

loving that sectional! great choice!

02/21/2013 4:27am

I do agree! Pillows add so much to a room. You did find the perfect fabric. And I love the real life accent on the couch too. He looks awful comfy there!


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