When I have limited time, but still want to be creative 30 minutes is just the right amount of time for me to work on something. I had thrifted some frames more than a year ago and spray painted them to go with our wall color in the living room. Then they just sat there with nothing in them. I had grand plans to create some art for them, but just never go to it. I was getting so tired of them just hanging around empty so I made a quick trip to Homegoods and found a shower curtain with a great leaf pattern on it in exactly the right colors. And it was on sale for only $10!
Below is the shower curtain I started with. I couldn't even buy that much fabric for ten dollars, what a steal.
I got my frame and my glue gun ready for action. I had a little helper.
Then I laid out the fabric and cut around the frame so I had plenty to wrap around the cardboard.
Pearl wanted to help out too! She didn't realize that standing on the frame wasn't really making things go any faster.
And here is the final project. Done in 30 minutes!
Step by Step:

1. Find frame you want to use.
2. Find coordinating fabric.
3. Cut out the right size for frame.
4. Give the fabric a quick steam.
5. Hot glue the fabric onto the cardboard backing of the frame.


Love Joy Peace,



02/04/2013 3:02pm

So very cute, and I love your helpers! <3

02/04/2013 4:06pm

Thanks Jen! I think they are adorable too.

02/05/2013 8:25am

Looks great! You have a lot of good ideas! You make things interesting by including personal insights. I like that. Your helpers add to your story too! Always looking forward to starting my day with your blog. Hope you have a great day too.


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