Finish a craft in 15 minutes, say what?!

This is really the easiest craft ever, I think hanging it straight on the wall took longer than the actual craft.
You start with a magnetic board. I got mine at Ikea, it was only $15. I
m sure you could also use an old magnetic dry erase board or anything magnetic actually.
Of course I had someone come over and try to help me.
Then you just cute your fabric to fit around the board. I had already had this fabric cut and left over from a previous project. That is why the fabric probably looks familiar. Then it is time for your trusty glue gun to take over. The only thing left for you to do is pull tight and glue. Try not to burn your fingers! I got a phone call while I was working on this and burnt my finger. Oh well.
Decorate with magnets, and add notes and reminders. DONE.

Love Joy Peace,



02/18/2013 8:08am

Great idea! Looks good.


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