Meet Snickerdoodle!

I missed a few posts this week because of this little bundle of joy. We just adopted him last night and he is the best dog ever! He never barks and he is already happy and relaxed in his new home. We adopted him from The Oregon Humane Society, which is such an awesome place. They save so many dogs and cats and small animals too. We fell in love with Snickers instantly and I'm sure if you rescue an animal it will be love at first sight too.
Pearl isn't quite sure about her new brother, but I think she will warm up to him soon. She has been doing really good considering she has been an only animal her whole life.
I think Snickerdoodle is enjoying his new home. I'm sure its better than being in a shelter. I can't believe he was in a shelter for two years! Who wouldn't want this cutie?

Love Joy Peace,



Congrats on adding a new member to your family! He's sooo cute & LOVE his "sweet" name too! :o)

Thanks for stopping by to visit me! It was great to hear from you.:)
Have a fabulous week!!

01/30/2013 12:17pm


Thanks! I just think he is so cute :) The soup on your blog looks awesome. I need to go shopping for some of the ingredients and then I'm going to make it!


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