24 years



My birthday was last week and it got me to thinking, "What have I learned in the last 24 years?"
1. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated
2. Don't judge anyone, you have no idea what goes through their head
3. Try to limit your worrying, it doesn't do any good.
4. Try to find one great thing out of each day.
5. Even sick days are blessings, because it's one more day of life.
6. Say Thank You to everyone who does something nice.
7. Tell the people you love that you love them and be sincere
8. Help people without wanting anything in return
9. Remember to be thankful about at least five things everyday
10. Cherish moments, not things
11.Own a pet, they are awesome
12. Dress nice, sweat pants are for the home only
13. Respect your elders
14. Be nice to the jerks, they will be surprised
15. Don't let little things ruin your day
16. It's okay to cry, you usually feel better after
17. Stress less
18. Things don't go according to plan, deal with it
19. It's fine to get mad, it's healthy
20. Everything in moderation is the healthiest life
21. Create something
22. Read more
23. Live for you, but help as many as you can
24. Compliment others.



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