I'm trying to expand my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeace Designs. I am trying to do this while I am illustrating a children's book and working full time, and getting ready for my wedding in September, AND in the closing stage of buying a house. I do like to stay busy so this is all good for me.
I will be SLOWLY expanding my shop to include more cards, like the Thank You cards I have here. I will also be adding more invitations, birthday cards, holiday cards, and calendars.
There will be a variety of different products. Some will be instant download such as these cards, but I will still have customized designs too. My business cards have been very popular so I will keep new design for those coming too.
What type of designs would you like to see? Postcards? Printable lists? Any ideas I am open to them.

Love Joy Peace,


making up for last week

Last week I did not complete my resolution challenge to create a piece of art each week. I do have an excuse, I had the flu.  So instead of being mad at myself for already breaking my resolution I decided to create two pieces of art this week. Once I started painting I didn't want to stop and made four paintings, one didn't turn out very good so I'll only show you three.
I started with a simple watercolor inspired by a photo that I took last year at the coast. Yesterday Jarrod and I were talking about taking a trip for a weekend to the coast last night so it was on my mind. I came across the photo and knew I wanted to recreate it. I haven't done a landscape in watercolors for a while, but I think I want to do something more detailed next time.
Then, I decided to go with a Valentines Day theme for the next two. I thought they would be nice as printable gifts for family or friends. I will be using these for something in my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeaceDesigns in the next week.
I like how the colors blended together in the hearts and the way the water created a unique pattern. I think my favorite part of watercolors are that you never know exactly what is going to happen, sometimes you don't like the reactions of colors together and sometimes something amazing happens that you could never plan.

Love Joy Peace,



When I tell people that I write a blog. The response I usually get is why? Do you make money from it?

Many people who are not artists or crafters do not understand that I need to be creating something to be happy. I know that many people do understand how I feel.

I also enjoy making lists so here are my top ten reasons why I blog.

10. Why not?

I have time to write and have something to say. So why would I not want to share it with others?

9. To promote my Etsy shop

Having an Etsy shop is great, but with so many sellers it is hard to stand out! If you have a following of readers on you blog you will increase the number of people that visit your shop and increase sales.

8. To challenge myself

I had thought about creating a blog for a long time, but I wasn't sure if I would be good at it or have enough to write about.This is a way to challenge myself and prove to myself that I can create something enjoyable and inspirational.

7. To gain knowledge

If I constantly need to be posting and writing I need to constantly be reading and learning. I love to learn and grow as a person and by writing a blog I an forcing myself to do what I like to do.

6. To connect with like minded individuals

When I started blogging I knew that I would find many other bloggers and readers that had the same point of view as me and understood the way that I think. I have already started making connections that I would have never made without a blog.

5. To live what I write

If I am giving advice to others about being healthy, about being creative everyday, about staying positive. I will be more likely to live what I believe.

4. To help people

I love art and I love my family and my fiance, but one of my other passions is helping people. I want to give others encouraging words and inspiration that I hope in some way will help them. You do not have to do something extravagant to help someone. Every little bit helps.

3. For Fun

I enjoy writing and I want to share my thoughts and ideas with others. If I wasn't blogging I would be watching too much TV.

2. To gain exposure

When you are an artist it is hard to get people to notice you. By writing a blog you can get people's attention in a way that is not just hanging you art in a cafe.

1. To stay creative

When you have a full time job it is easy to make up excuses to not work on art or project. I find excuses like; I'm tired, I'm not in the mood, I can't figure out what I want to work on. Now that I have a blog I have created an ongoing reason to create. I have become more motivated because I want to show my work to my readers.

Do you have a blog? If you do share it in the comments below. If you are thinking about starting a blog go ahead and try it out. What could you lose?

Love Joy Peace,


Give to a charity in their name.

I know that I would rather have someone give to a charity that I support than give me something I don't want or need.

Here is a list of some of the organizations that I love:

Happy Gifting!

Love Joy Peace,


Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

I often browse the internet trying to think of gift ideas for my family and friends I stumbled upon these lists that were helpful for me.

Here are some other ideas:
I hope some of these ideas help. I know that gift giving is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it gets stressful if you are a procrastinator like me.

Love Joy Peace,