I'm trying to expand my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeace Designs. I am trying to do this while I am illustrating a children's book and working full time, and getting ready for my wedding in September, AND in the closing stage of buying a house. I do like to stay busy so this is all good for me.
I will be SLOWLY expanding my shop to include more cards, like the Thank You cards I have here. I will also be adding more invitations, birthday cards, holiday cards, and calendars.
There will be a variety of different products. Some will be instant download such as these cards, but I will still have customized designs too. My business cards have been very popular so I will keep new design for those coming too.
What type of designs would you like to see? Postcards? Printable lists? Any ideas I am open to them.

Love Joy Peace,

I found an old sketchbook that I haven't been using and found this drawing. I remember doing this and using my prisma markers that I hardly ever use.

I should go through all my really old sketchbooks, I bet I'll find something that I don't even remember doing. Looking at how your art has evolved through the years not only shows you how you have improved but it also gives you inspiration to try things you haven't done in years.

Love Joy Peace,

Art has always been an escape for me. A way to live inside my head and release stress. The act of creating art is very healing and therapeutic for me. I believe that even those who do not consider themselves artist can use art as a way to heal themselves mentally.

When I am frustrated or having a hard time focusing art can calm me down and help me relax and keep my head in one place.

I think that sometimes artists have a hard time keeping all their thoughts organized and not letting them overwhelm them.

Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, try creating something original today. It will only help.

Love Joy Peace,

I'm trying to organize my life a little more each week.
I took these plain unfinished wood organizers and tried to figure out what to do with them. I found inspiration from the fabric below. This pattern is on my comforter and pillows on the bed and since I wanted the organizers to go on the desk in my bedroom using this pattern would tie them together.
I first painted them silver and them picked a few of the designs on the fabric to paint.
Then I added to word organize to the side as a constant reminder to use the the boxes and not to just set them up and forget to use them.

Hopefully I can get all my paperwork organized using these this week.

How are you organizing your life?

Love Joy Peace,

No pillows, no problem

After picking up a red loveseat at a garage sale for a bargain last year I have vowed to only go with neutrals for large furniture pieces. I thought I could work around red, I thought I could in the words of Tim Gunn “Make it work”. I couldn’t make it work for over a year and now that couch is at the habitat for humanity ReStore. I hated everything about that couch except the softness. It started squeaking after using it for a couple months, it was too small for two people to lounge comfortably, and it was red! 

I love all colors, really, but I do not like red in clothing or in interior design. Something about it just gets to me. I mean red is the color of anger and that is exactly what I felt about that couch. Since I tend to gravitate towards cool colors I don’t know how I thought I could make a red couch work.

Anyway, this time we got a light gray sectional, much more angular and simple. After getting it in the room I knew it was nice, but boring. After various trips to Homegoods, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Ross I knew that I was not going to find pillows that went with our color scheme.

We had the maintenance crew at out apartment paint a feature wall in our living room "wish upon a star" turquoise from miller paint and our accent color is citrus yellow/green. I remember seeing this citron color all over the place in previous trips when I wasn’t looking for it, but then it was nowhere to be found. After a trip to the fabric store I found the perfect colors and prints to use for pillows. 

Now the couch is complete!
Isn't it funny how a little color and texture can totally transform the feeling in a room?

Love Joy Peace,


Finish a craft in 15 minutes, say what?!

This is really the easiest craft ever, I think hanging it straight on the wall took longer than the actual craft.
You start with a magnetic board. I got mine at Ikea, it was only $15. I
m sure you could also use an old magnetic dry erase board or anything magnetic actually.
Of course I had someone come over and try to help me.
Then you just cute your fabric to fit around the board. I had already had this fabric cut and left over from a previous project. That is why the fabric probably looks familiar. Then it is time for your trusty glue gun to take over. The only thing left for you to do is pull tight and glue. Try not to burn your fingers! I got a phone call while I was working on this and burnt my finger. Oh well.
Decorate with magnets, and add notes and reminders. DONE.

Love Joy Peace,

Valentine's Day is just a few days away and I wanted to give you a free gift of a printable poster. This image can printed out and used as card or you can frame it and give it to a loved one as a gift.
Download the file below.
File Size: 314 kb
File Type: jpg
Download File

Valentine's Day is a day to show others that you love and care about them. Try not to make the day about you and get upset if you do not get the gift you want or if your partner isn't as romantic as you want them to be. For some people Valentine's Day is significant and for others it is just another day.

Enjoy the day and remember to show your love, don't just say the words, "I love you.".

To really love another is more than words or feelings it is an action.
Love Joy Peace,

When I have limited time, but still want to be creative 30 minutes is just the right amount of time for me to work on something. I had thrifted some frames more than a year ago and spray painted them to go with our wall color in the living room. Then they just sat there with nothing in them. I had grand plans to create some art for them, but just never go to it. I was getting so tired of them just hanging around empty so I made a quick trip to Homegoods and found a shower curtain with a great leaf pattern on it in exactly the right colors. And it was on sale for only $10!
Below is the shower curtain I started with. I couldn't even buy that much fabric for ten dollars, what a steal.
I got my frame and my glue gun ready for action. I had a little helper.
Then I laid out the fabric and cut around the frame so I had plenty to wrap around the cardboard.
Pearl wanted to help out too! She didn't realize that standing on the frame wasn't really making things go any faster.
And here is the final project. Done in 30 minutes!
Step by Step:

1. Find frame you want to use.
2. Find coordinating fabric.
3. Cut out the right size for frame.
4. Give the fabric a quick steam.
5. Hot glue the fabric onto the cardboard backing of the frame.


Love Joy Peace,


trying out my new machine

For Christmas my mom gave me the exact machine I wanted from my wish list! Yay!
So of course I have been hunting and by hunting I mean browsing pinterest to find easy sewing projects for me to start with. I do have some sewing experience, but I am not a master and I need some refreshing since it has been a while.

I think I will take one of these online course to get me started.
Online Sewing Class
Here is a list of the projects that I want to do.
A colorful maxi dress.

An infinity scarf.

This would be a good first project on the new machine.

A reversible bag.

drawstring pants

and a high-low skirt

My list is looking like it will take some time, but it should be a fun adventure learning to sew!

You can also follow my pinterest board called sew fabulous for more ideas. I keep finding more and more so I'm sure the list will keep growing.

Love Joy Peace,


Another year....

Yesterday was my birthday and I have also been fighting the flu so that is why I have disappeared for a few days.

My mom had a surprise for me and wouldn't tell me anything except that I had to wear cotton clothes and no synthetics. I was very confused and couldn't figure out what we were doing. I wasn't feeling great , but my mom said she had already paid and we couldn't get refunded so I decided to go and see what the plan was.

We went to learn how to do glass blowing. The name of the store was Live Laugh Love Glass, do you see where I got the name of this post from???

It was really fun! I love learning new things and trying different activities out. Since glass blowing is one of the few art mediums that I haven't tried I was excited to finally try it out. On Saturday I get to go back and see what my little creation looks like when it is cooled to room temp and not glowing with orangeness.
Then when we got back to my place we were just talking and having a good time when we got a tragic phone call. My mom got married last year and we found out that her husband's father suddenly passed away.

Although I did not know him well I was full of emotion. As I became one year older, he lost his life. I know that at my age I should be able to deal with death, but for me it is still hard to deal with. I LOVE life so much, the thought of it being taken form anyone that I know seems so sad.

I think what when need to realize is that life really is a beautiful gift that we have been given and we need to take advantage of it every single day. Each morning we are given another opportunity to live and share our lives with others and that really is amazing.

Yes, some days are not going to be great. Yes, some days you won't want to feel like doing anything.

Even sick days are blessings.

Love Joy Peace,