You are almost out of time.

I know you've been busy, I know you sometimes procrastinate, but is it okay to re-gift? this point you only have a few days left so it might be a good option. If you have something that hasn't been touched and you know they would like it, GO AHEAD! if you have $3.54 left on a Starbucks gift card, DON"T DO IT!

Sometimes people really will appreciate those things more than you, but be careful....NEVER EVER give a gift back to the one who gave it to you. If you can't remember, don't risk it.

If you don't have anything to re-gift, make something. Go on pinterest and find an awesome craft. Paint a picture or create a coupon book of things you are going to do with them or for them.

Don't get stuck only buying presents, there are lots of other options.


Love joy Peace,

Online Jewelry Making Classes

Give to a charity in their name.

I know that I would rather have someone give to a charity that I support than give me something I don't want or need.

Here is a list of some of the organizations that I love:

Happy Gifting!

Love Joy Peace,


Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

I often browse the internet trying to think of gift ideas for my family and friends I stumbled upon these lists that were helpful for me.

Here are some other ideas:
I hope some of these ideas help. I know that gift giving is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it gets stressful if you are a procrastinator like me.

Love Joy Peace,