I am a huge fan of to do lists. I love the satisfaction of crossing off the tasks I have completed and I know there are other people out there like me. These designs are all available trough my esty shop and they are instant download. Instant Download means that you don't have to wait for me to respond, they designs will be delivered to you right away.

I personally love to laminate my to  do lists so that you don't have to print them out everyday and waste so much paper, but if you have paper and ink to spare go ahead. Feel free to click on any of the images below to link to my shop.
Love Joy Peace,

I'm trying to expand my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeace Designs. I am trying to do this while I am illustrating a children's book and working full time, and getting ready for my wedding in September, AND in the closing stage of buying a house. I do like to stay busy so this is all good for me.
I will be SLOWLY expanding my shop to include more cards, like the Thank You cards I have here. I will also be adding more invitations, birthday cards, holiday cards, and calendars.
There will be a variety of different products. Some will be instant download such as these cards, but I will still have customized designs too. My business cards have been very popular so I will keep new design for those coming too.
What type of designs would you like to see? Postcards? Printable lists? Any ideas I am open to them.

Love Joy Peace,


Newest Etsy Listing.

What would be a better gift for the animal lover than a custom pet portrait of their furry family member. Check out my etsy listing by clicking on the picture below.
Have a great Monday!

Love Joy Peace,

I found an old sketchbook that I haven't been using and found this drawing. I remember doing this and using my prisma markers that I hardly ever use.

I should go through all my really old sketchbooks, I bet I'll find something that I don't even remember doing. Looking at how your art has evolved through the years not only shows you how you have improved but it also gives you inspiration to try things you haven't done in years.

Love Joy Peace,

I heard about Creative Allies when my co-workers told me that Heart was having a contest to design a T-Shirt. I entered the contest and then started receiving emails from them about all the new contests. The prize is usually $500 and you get your design on posters, T-shirts, and other merchandise.

I entered the Emeli Sande poster contest yesterday with the design below.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the contest page.
Entering different contest can be a great way to expand your portfolio, create more diverse work, and possibly win a prize. I think I will be entering more contest in the coming weeks. I really want to build my portfolio and winning some extra cash would be awesome. I think these contest are good for me because they push me to do things that I wouldn't create on my own.

What do you do to push your creative power?

Love Joy Peace,


Your Body is a Temple

Let's start this post by saying I have never been on a diet before. I don't buy into fad diet's or extreme changes in eating patterns. When my jeans started to get way too tight and I started to get uncomfortable with the fact that I could not longer call myself fit and healthy I knew that I needed to do something about it.

I believe that your body is a temple and that it is your responsibility to treat it like a gift. I have never really had to try to be slim, but now that I am in my mid 20's it's getting a little harder. I've picked up some bad eating habits from others and my busy lifestyle, but that is no excuse. So I started the 24-Day Challenge from AdvoCare.

I have heard really great things about the 24-Day Challenge from Co-workers and from friends, but of course I didn't want to start anything that was a "diet". My fiance and I decided to do it together and here is what happened on the first day.

Day 1:
Early Morning: Started my morning off with a Spark which is normal. I have loved Spark since I first tried it a few months ago. I get much more sustained energy than with coffee and mu mind seems to be more focused.
Breakfast: I ran off to work and decided to have my Fiber Drink at work. Big Mistake. I mean, with a name that includes fiber I should have realized that it would be thick, but boy was I surprised. This was so hard to drink. I actually had to go to the kitchen at work to drink it because I didn't want anyone to see the horrible faces I was making and gagging that was happening. I found some tips on how to deal with the fiber drink, I hope they help me tomorrow. I drank a bunch of water after to help me get the memory of the thick drink out of my mind. I ate a banana and I couldn't eat anything else for a awhile.
Snack: Veggies Chips
30 minutes before lunch: AdvoCare Spark
Lunch: Black Bean Soup, apple, water
Snack: Carrots and Hummus
Dinner: OmegaPlex, Meat and Veggies
Snack: Dried Fruit
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse Caplets

Maybe I can last 24 days. Have you done the 24-Day Challenge? What were your results?

Love Joy Peace,

Art has always been an escape for me. A way to live inside my head and release stress. The act of creating art is very healing and therapeutic for me. I believe that even those who do not consider themselves artist can use art as a way to heal themselves mentally.

When I am frustrated or having a hard time focusing art can calm me down and help me relax and keep my head in one place.

I think that sometimes artists have a hard time keeping all their thoughts organized and not letting them overwhelm them.

Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, try creating something original today. It will only help.

Love Joy Peace,

Last year I participated in the 3rd Annual Art Challenge at Village Gallery of the Arts. The challenge was to create unique pieces of art on four 6x6 inch canvases in one month. I had to pick up the canvases at the beginning of the month and return them at the end of the month. It was a fun challenge and I created some of my very favorite pieces. I worked with colored pencil on paper and then wrapped the canvases. This year I decided not to participate, but the gallery is using my artwork in the advertising for this years challenge. Mine are the botanical paintings on the right. If you click on the picture below it will take you to the challenge website.
The challenge is a very unique blend of art and artist and they show such a large number of pieces in the gallery. If you are in the Portland Area I would go check it out.

Love Joy Peace,

Since we adopted Snickerdoodle my life has improved. I didn't know that I was missing anything until we brought him home. He has made me much more active since he needs to go on a walk a couple times a day. I really love they way he is so excited when I get home. I know that no matter what I do he will love me. Even when we gave him a haircut and he got really grumpy, he only took a minute to get over it and start loving us again.

What person would forgive you after only a minute?

Snickers knows how to calm me down and I know he is always up for some cuddle time when I'm feeling lonely or sad.

And of course as a good doggie parent I take plenty of pictures of him and love to show his cuteness off to everyone. Look at that little face how could you not love him?
What do you love most about your dog?

Love Joy Peace,

In My New Year's resolution post I made the statement: "My resolution this year is: To create a piece of art every week."

I am notorious for not sticking with my resolutions, so I wanted to check up on myself to see how my progress is going so far. It is now April and there has been 91 days since my resolution started, 13 weeks. I am not too hard on myself so I will be counting the number of pieces and not how many per week I made.

Here are all the pieces:
If I know how to count...and I think I learned that in college. I have 13 finished pieces! 1 for each week. I was thinking I hadn't been keeping up, but surprisingly I have stuck to my goal.

My portfolio is expanding and I'm using new techniques and learning about myself as an artist. That is good enough for me.

Have you stuck to your New Years Resolution? Tell me what it is.

Love Joy Peace,