Happy New Year

When I think about 2012 it seems to have gone by so quickly. I have no idea how it has already been a year since last New Years. I know that as the years go by they will just keep going by faster and faster. I read that the reason our perspective of time gets faster and faster is because as we get older our days are too similar and our brains have a hard time separating each day from the others. When we are children we experience new things everyday and because of this each day is special, unique, and memorable.

I challenge you this year to take on as many new adventures as you can and let's make 2013 be as memorable and exciting as when you were six years old.

I bet that everyone has accomplished some amazing goals this year. It is important to take note of these accomplishments to realized how blessed we all are. We have have come to close a great year and we have the opportunity to experience another year. Not everyone will be so blessed. We have only one life, let's make it last as long as we can.

Here is a list of the things I have accomplished in 2012

1. I stayed at a full time job for over 1 year

2. Moved to an area I have always wanted to live

3. Got engaged!

4. Started a blog

5. Expanded my portfolio

6. Got a raise

7. Opened an Etsy shop

I'm sure I have more too, but those are the important ones.

Love Joy Peace,


"In a gentle way, 
you can shake 
the WORLD"

Helping others does not have to be on a large scale. Every little thing you do can help someone. Don't think that you don't have money so you can not make a difference, you can do many things that are not monetary to change someones life. Don't feel discouraged if you only have to help once in a while. You could do something so small that you to you it is insignificant, but to the person you helped it could mean the world. 

This coming year I want to remember to make the effort to be more helpful and try to make a difference, even if it is small. 

Sometimes I think I already do enough, I work at a non-profit that works with adults with developmental disabilities like down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism, but I know that I can do so much more. The people that I work with make me want to be a better person. I have a truly blessed life I should share as much of what I have with others that need a few blessings in their lives.

My fiance took his whole Christmas bonus and bought toys for the children at a local children's hospital. This act was so inspiring to me. Why is it that we always think of what we want rather than what others really need.
My fiance took his whole Christmas bonus and bought toys for the children at a local children's hospital. This act was so inspiring to me. Why is it that we always think of what we want rather than what others really need? Taking gifts to the children's hospital didn't change the world it only effected a few kids, but to those kids it was a glimmer of hope when they needed it the most.

If more of us took a few days out of the year to serve others we really could shake the World.

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"My friends,
Love is better than anger.
Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better than despair.
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.
And we’ll change the world."
- Jack Layton

I think too often we forget the simple things in life. I think if you asked a child if love is better than anger he would say, yes without hesitation. If you asked him if hope is better than fear the answer again would be yes. And when asked if optimism is better than despair, the answer would be yes again.

Why is it that when we grow up we lose confidence in what we believe. Even if you agree with the quote above, do you live this way? I have seen that as people grow up to be adults they become hypocritical and over complicate everything.

I am trying to live in a way that focuses on the simplicities in life and showcases what is truly important. Try to channel your inner kid to find what you love, who you love, what you hope for, and remember what it is like to be optimistic.

If everyone was loving, hopeful, and optimistic, how amazing would the world be?

Love Joy Peace,


Do you see a painting or a drawing?

Why do I love colored pencils?

With colored pencils you have the precision of a pencil, but you can create images that look like paintings. There is an ongoing debate as to whether images like the one above that I created are drawings or paintings. I believe they look more like paintings, but are created using drawing techniques.

You should give colored pencils a try. You can create really colorful, sophisticated pieces.

The only colored pencils I use are Prismacolor:

At first they seem really expensive, but once you try them you will never go back.

So what do you think? Are they Drawings or Paintings?
Are you a colored pencil artist? Please share you creations with me.

Love Joy Peace,

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I sure did! Except I was missing my other half. I am picking him up from the airport today though so I didn't have to be without him for very long.

Now that Christmas is over its the time to start thinking about New Years Resolutions. I read a statistic stating that by April already half of people who made New Years Resolutions have failed.Why?

Why do people so quickly forget what they seemed to have wanted so badly?

This year make a resolution that you can stick with that you believe will make you a better person. For everyone this is going to be different some want to be more active, some want to get a better job, and some want to spend more time with my family.

The important factor in keeping your resolution is to make a plan on how you are going to go about reaching you goal and then tell people about it. The more people you tell, the more you will want to succeed. I know you don't want to tell people you gave up, so just stick to it this year.

My resolution this year is: To create a piece of art every week.

My plan is to draw or paint something that is meaningful to me every single week. The way that I am going to carry this out is to post the finished piece every Sunday for you to see.

So keep a look out for all my new pieces, by the end of the year I should have 52!

Tell me, what is your New Years resolution?

Love Joy Peace,







You are almost out of time.

I know you've been busy, I know you sometimes procrastinate, but is it okay to re-gift?

Sometimes...at this point you only have a few days left so it might be a good option. If you have something that hasn't been touched and you know they would like it, GO AHEAD! if you have $3.54 left on a Starbucks gift card, DON"T DO IT!

Sometimes people really will appreciate those things more than you, but be careful....NEVER EVER give a gift back to the one who gave it to you. If you can't remember, don't risk it.

If you don't have anything to re-gift, make something. Go on pinterest and find an awesome craft. Paint a picture or create a coupon book of things you are going to do with them or for them.

Don't get stuck only buying presents, there are lots of other options.


Love joy Peace,

Online Jewelry Making Classes

Give to a charity in their name.

I know that I would rather have someone give to a charity that I support than give me something I don't want or need.

Here is a list of some of the organizations that I love:

Happy Gifting!

Love Joy Peace,


Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

I often browse the internet trying to think of gift ideas for my family and friends I stumbled upon these lists that were helpful for me.

Here are some other ideas:
I hope some of these ideas help. I know that gift giving is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it gets stressful if you are a procrastinator like me.

Love Joy Peace,


Tips and tricks for taking portraits.

I recently got my engagement photos taken. I had a lot of fun and I love the way the pictures turned out. I originally wanted to do a photo shoot in the forest with the autumn leaves everywhere, but by the time we got around to it all the leaves were on the ground. The that we all had the same time available was at night. So we decided to go with a nighttime urban feel instead. Our friend Trevor is our photographer and because he is our friend I didn't feel as uncomfortable as I might with someone I just met. He did do a great job of telling us where the be and what would look good. He also came up with some great locations. If you live in the Portland area I would definitely check out Trevor's website (celerityphoto.com) and contact him to shoot your engagement pictures, family photos, or your wedding.

You should really look at his car shots they are awesome.

Make sure your outfits go together

But don't be matchy matchy.

Give your photographer a list of what you want.

But let him give you ideas too, he's the professional.

Forget that you might look funny

Have fun, you need to look like you are in love so just be yourself.

Dress appropriately for your location

Don't wear cowboy boots in an urban setting, don't wear summer clothes in the winter.

Get black and whites for everything

Color is beautiful, but black and white will go with any decor.
Love Joy Peace,

P.S. - if you need something to wear for engagement pictures or for holiday pictures I would check out Modcloth they have really cute dresses