While I was setting up my Etsy shop I was really excited to share my artwork with the world and also hopeful that people would enjoy my designs. Now that I have opened my shop I came to realize just how many creative people are out there.

I have been on Etsy many times. I have a couple cousins that own shops and have also purchase a few items for myself and as gifts for others through Etsy. It is amazing how many people have the creativity and imagination to have a shop on Etsy. I think it is great that so many individuals love to create art and crafts.  The variety of products is crazy, you could spend hours and hours just looking at all the different ideas and projects (which I have done).

People have so many options and ways to show off their creations. I love that in this digital age I can browse through paintings from someone in Australia and look at Jewelry made in Argentina within minutes and then purchase and receive the product within a week, maybe two at most.

Here are a couple of my designs available on my Esty shop LoveJoyPeace Designs.

What do you think?

Do you have an Etsy shop too? What do you create? Leave me a comment and I will create a post with links to your shops.

Love Joy Peace,




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