Valentine's is a hard one for gifts. Most of the Valentine's Day specials are things for women, but men deserve a little something too. I have made a list of a few ideas for you boyfriend, husband, mom, dad, or anyone special to you. Hopefully you get a few ideas.
You know the way to a man's heart....
For all her jewelry from previous years....
Men look great in watches...
This book is so cute!
This would be fun for both of you to read together.
A simple little reminder that you love her.
Hopefully these ideas are helpful. I know it is hardest to find something special for the people closest to you.

Love Joy Peace,


Clear your head and find inspiration

I love to go hiking. It is a great way to improve your body and your mind. Not only are you getting out of your chair and exercising you also finding peace by being out in nature. I am lucky that I have this beautiful trail so close to where I live, but even if you don't have hiking trails you can go on a walk anywhere.
A hike is great because it is a completely free activity. It is fun to go by yourself if you need time to think and clear you head, but it can also be fun to go with someone you want to catch up with. I love walking and talking because you have so much around you that you will always have something to talk about. I also find inspiration for my art while out in the woods.
Isn't nature beautiful?! The natural beauty I see when I go into the forest is something nobody can recreate. The feeling that you get can't be found in the city.

Where are your favorite trails?

Love Joy Peace,


Inspiration: Dale Chihuly

On my trip to Vegas a few months ago I was really inspired by Dale Chihuly. If you haven't heard of him I don't know where you have been his stuff is incedible! Just look at the photo above. How beautiful!!! check out his online gallery here.

I love the transarency that glass has and the amazing colors you can create. I have always been curious about glass art and for my birthday my mom surprised me with a lesson from Live Laugh Love Glass, we had a great time and we just got our paper weights back.
I like how the colors look with light showing through. My favorite part is the bubble that I got centered perfectly. Glass is a medium that would take a lot of time to learn and perfect. It was fun to finally try it out.
Here is another look at my paper weight. Next time I think i want to try a float or a bowl.

You should try working with glass. It would be a fun date night or a mother daughter date like we had. Valentine's Day is coming up, it would create unique memories rather than just a dinner and the present is already included! No shopping required :)

Love Joy Peace,

I get angry, everyone does, but if you think about it this way you can stop and realize that each minute of your life can be controlled by you. Why wouldn't you rather be living in peace instead of anger. It does seem like many people are living in anger rather than choosing to live in peace.

This graphic was inspired by the weather here in Portland. It is so dark and gloomy outside. It does get to me, but I have decided to live with joy always. Without the gloomy days I wouldn't appreciate the sunny spring days that are coming. Since I live in an area that has very defined seasons each season is something to look forward to and you don't get tired of having the same weather everyday. 

Remember it is always a choice to live with peace instead of anger and with joy instead of sadness.

Love Joy Peace,



Meet Snickerdoodle!

I missed a few posts this week because of this little bundle of joy. We just adopted him last night and he is the best dog ever! He never barks and he is already happy and relaxed in his new home. We adopted him from The Oregon Humane Society, which is such an awesome place. They save so many dogs and cats and small animals too. We fell in love with Snickers instantly and I'm sure if you rescue an animal it will be love at first sight too.
Pearl isn't quite sure about her new brother, but I think she will warm up to him soon. She has been doing really good considering she has been an only animal her whole life.
I think Snickerdoodle is enjoying his new home. I'm sure its better than being in a shelter. I can't believe he was in a shelter for two years! Who wouldn't want this cutie?

Love Joy Peace,


24 years



My birthday was last week and it got me to thinking, "What have I learned in the last 24 years?"
1. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated
2. Don't judge anyone, you have no idea what goes through their head
3. Try to limit your worrying, it doesn't do any good.
4. Try to find one great thing out of each day.
5. Even sick days are blessings, because it's one more day of life.
6. Say Thank You to everyone who does something nice.
7. Tell the people you love that you love them and be sincere
8. Help people without wanting anything in return
9. Remember to be thankful about at least five things everyday
10. Cherish moments, not things
11.Own a pet, they are awesome
12. Dress nice, sweat pants are for the home only
13. Respect your elders
14. Be nice to the jerks, they will be surprised
15. Don't let little things ruin your day
16. It's okay to cry, you usually feel better after
17. Stress less
18. Things don't go according to plan, deal with it
19. It's fine to get mad, it's healthy
20. Everything in moderation is the healthiest life
21. Create something
22. Read more
23. Live for you, but help as many as you can
24. Compliment others.


making up for last week

Last week I did not complete my resolution challenge to create a piece of art each week. I do have an excuse, I had the flu.  So instead of being mad at myself for already breaking my resolution I decided to create two pieces of art this week. Once I started painting I didn't want to stop and made four paintings, one didn't turn out very good so I'll only show you three.
I started with a simple watercolor inspired by a photo that I took last year at the coast. Yesterday Jarrod and I were talking about taking a trip for a weekend to the coast last night so it was on my mind. I came across the photo and knew I wanted to recreate it. I haven't done a landscape in watercolors for a while, but I think I want to do something more detailed next time.
Then, I decided to go with a Valentines Day theme for the next two. I thought they would be nice as printable gifts for family or friends. I will be using these for something in my Etsy shop, LoveJoyPeaceDesigns in the next week.
I like how the colors blended together in the hearts and the way the water created a unique pattern. I think my favorite part of watercolors are that you never know exactly what is going to happen, sometimes you don't like the reactions of colors together and sometimes something amazing happens that you could never plan.

Love Joy Peace,


I won't give up on us.

Sometimes a song comes on at just the right time. Sometimes you know that you really need to listen to the words.
Too often do people take the easy road and just give up on what they have because it gets tough. 

When people have a relationship with someone that is very different from them it is easy to focus on what separates you rather than what has brought you together in the first place.

This line really goes right to my heart, "Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts we got..."

My fiance and I are very different people, we have different interests, different political views, different religious views, and were brought up differently. The thing that brings us together is the way we feel about each other and our core values. We have very similar hearts and that is something that will never change.

As we grow together we will also find we have more similarities than we think.Each time I begin to think it is just too hard and maybe it would be easier to be with someone else I listen to this song and realize that what I want in life is not for everything to be easy, what I want is the crazy, sometimes annoying love that only he can give me.

So remember, love isn't about being the same and having things be easy. Love is a matter of the heart that doesn't always make sense, but if it is right you will never give it up.

Love Joy Peace,


trying out my new machine

For Christmas my mom gave me the exact machine I wanted from my wish list! Yay!
So of course I have been hunting and by hunting I mean browsing pinterest to find easy sewing projects for me to start with. I do have some sewing experience, but I am not a master and I need some refreshing since it has been a while.

I think I will take one of these online course to get me started.
Online Sewing Class
Here is a list of the projects that I want to do.
A colorful maxi dress.

An infinity scarf.

This would be a good first project on the new machine.

A reversible bag.

drawstring pants

and a high-low skirt

My list is looking like it will take some time, but it should be a fun adventure learning to sew!

You can also follow my pinterest board called sew fabulous for more ideas. I keep finding more and more so I'm sure the list will keep growing.

Love Joy Peace,


Another year....

Yesterday was my birthday and I have also been fighting the flu so that is why I have disappeared for a few days.

My mom had a surprise for me and wouldn't tell me anything except that I had to wear cotton clothes and no synthetics. I was very confused and couldn't figure out what we were doing. I wasn't feeling great , but my mom said she had already paid and we couldn't get refunded so I decided to go and see what the plan was.

We went to learn how to do glass blowing. The name of the store was Live Laugh Love Glass, do you see where I got the name of this post from???

It was really fun! I love learning new things and trying different activities out. Since glass blowing is one of the few art mediums that I haven't tried I was excited to finally try it out. On Saturday I get to go back and see what my little creation looks like when it is cooled to room temp and not glowing with orangeness.
Then when we got back to my place we were just talking and having a good time when we got a tragic phone call. My mom got married last year and we found out that her husband's father suddenly passed away.

Although I did not know him well I was full of emotion. As I became one year older, he lost his life. I know that at my age I should be able to deal with death, but for me it is still hard to deal with. I LOVE life so much, the thought of it being taken form anyone that I know seems so sad.

I think what when need to realize is that life really is a beautiful gift that we have been given and we need to take advantage of it every single day. Each morning we are given another opportunity to live and share our lives with others and that really is amazing.

Yes, some days are not going to be great. Yes, some days you won't want to feel like doing anything.

Even sick days are blessings.

Love Joy Peace,